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All the Pretty Details - The Top 5 Details I Love to Photograph

I love all the details of a wedding. There is so much planning that goes into each and every detail and I love to photograph those details. I also like to think that the brides appreciate that someone else notices all the details that she spent hours agonizing over.

Here are my 5 favorite details to photography at a wedding:

1) FLOWERS!!! All the pretty Flowers. I love flowers. They smell good, they are pretty and they add pops of color and interest!

2) The Bridal Accessories!! I feel these pictures are so important because some people may never see or notice these details during the hustle and bustle of the big day. If the bride has a long dress the shoes may go unseen or the earrings, necklace, and bracelets may be out-shined by the gown.

3) The Food & Cake!! I love to get the cake or if you prefer cupcakes. These details do not last long and are usually some of the most interesting details.

4) The Bridal Party Gifts! These are fun to photograph and fun to give. Not to mention, I am usually impressed by how imaginative some of the gifts get.

5) The Table Settings!! Maybe it is the aspiring designer in me but I absolutely adore the tables! They usually have a little bit of everything: lights, flowers, food, details...details...details!!!

What are your favorite details?

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