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5 Business Tips to Increase your Brand Visibility

Hi Friends!

Being seen is crucial for any business. If potential customers do not know you exist, they are not going to buy your products or services. So to get clients coming through the door or visiting your website you need to get their attention and help them realize who you are and how you can help them. That is what I am doing. I can help clients to create beautiful, professional looking images for their social media, websites, and print ads. (See how I did that :))

Here are 5 easy tips to increase your brand visibility.

1) Get on social media and make sure your images and content represent your branding and message. Update your profile pictures and website images so that you are putting your best foot forward. Having updated professional photos can five you instant credibility with potential clients because they will see that you are serious about your business and you invest in yourself. Personally, I am a very visual buyer. If I do not like the packaging I will NOT buy. That extends to websites. If I go to a website and they have old out of date images and a poorly functioning website, I will move on to someone else. Your social media accounts and website are one of the first introductions to your business that clients will interact with so make it count because first impressions really do matter.

2) Network. It is so easy to skip over this one because it makes most people uncomfortable but I feel it is one of the most important and overlooked actions to jumpstart some momentum. There are several organizations like the local Chamber of Commerce, BNI group, women's networking group, or a parenting or athletic club that you can join to help you get out into the community and meet new people. This is generally an inexpensive and fast way to increase your visibility. I totally get it, having to talk to strangers can be awkward and feeling like you are being salesey makes most people cringe. However, if I've learned anything over the last 13 years as a corporate sales & marketing director, it's that sales is still about building relationships. People need to know, like, and trust you to want to buy from you. Think about who you buy from consistently. It's true....isn't it? You know, like, and/or trust them. Even if they don't check all 3 boxes, they most likely check 2 of the boxes. You know them and like them or you know them and trust them. So get out there and meet some new people.

3) Sponsor an Event. Event sponsorships give you the opportunity to put your logo front and center around an event. Some events will even let you get up and give a quick pitch or speaking opportunity to further put your brand out in front of people. I would suggest providing some type of value followed by an invitation to learn more with you or invest in your products and services. Speaking to an engaged audience is a great opportunity to introduce yourself and your brand to a new audience. Better yet, if you approach it properly, it will leave them wanting more from you and lead to sales.

4) Advertise. Know your audience and where you can find them and then advertise to them in those locations. If your target customer is at the gym, advertise at the local gym, sponsor a local race, or place an ad in a fitness specific publication or targeted social media ad. If you are advertising to a broader audience consider a billboard on a heavily travelled Hwy or interstate. This type of visibility may not bring in leads right away but seeing your brand and or face on a daily basis plants a subcontious seed with potential buyers and keeps you top of mind. When clients need your product or service, they will remember you and they are more likely to buy from a brand or person they are familiar with. This is brand awareness.

This is me! A photo I took was featured on a billboard! Since then, I have seen 3 other images I took on billboards in town.

5) Radio, newspaper, or podcast. People are still consuming these methods of information delivery. Book a radio spot or ad, get featured in the local paper for a special project you are working on, or be a guest on a podcast that makes sense for your business. Tapping into someone else's audience can be a game changer. Other more established brands have built an audience and are often looking for guest speakers or spotlights to feature. Wether it is paid or earned media it can be well worth it to get in front of a new group of people that may have never heard of you or your brand.

I hope this was helpful as you move forward in your business journey. Wether you are brand new in business or you've been around a minute these tried and true methods are just the fuel you may need to ignite your visibility.

Until next time...



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