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Top 5 Trends to Celebrate your Wedding Anniversary During a Pandemic

Weddings are a representation of union, love, and the creation of a new family. That's why celebrating anniversaries is particularly significant, especially for those newlyweds that care about commemorating their newfound love. Or perhaps for those long-lived loves that still want to honor their union!

While facing this pandemic, the whole world has had to lockdown, and people now have to change their lives to adjust to this new reality. There cannot be big parties or family reunions for now. But that doesn’t mean people cannot celebrate in a fun way for their anniversaries! There are many new ways to enjoy yourself with family and your spouse while social-distancing.

If your anniversary is coming up, this article is perfect for you! Watch out for these top trending ideas to celebrate your anniversary during a pandemic!

5- Mail order a date night kit

If you want to enjoy your anniversary only with your spouse, some companies sell boxes filled with everything you need to have a date at home. Some of these include playboards, recipes, ideas, and activities to have a fun night. This way, you don’t have to leave the house to celebrate your anniversary during the pandemic!

4- Repeat the menu from your Wedding

No doubts that candlelight dinners are very romantic. Take it to the next level inspiring the dinner with the menu you had at your wedding party. This way, The taste of the food will take you to a flashback from that time and make the commemoration even more romantic!

3- Create a home-made video

In case you want to commemorate your loved ones, an incredible idea is to film a video speaking to them! Maybe doing a speech you had prepared, some words to make your loved ones feel close to you and feel included to commemorate your beloved date. You can also include a compilation of photos and videos of you both with the family!

If you have some years of marriage, it’s pretty likely you have many memories with your family... This trend to celebrate your anniversary during the pandemic will become quite memorable!

2- Create a virtual world

There are popular games like Minecraft or Crossing animals that allow you to connect with your friends while having fun. Create your own world, decorate it and invite all your familiars to join in!

This idea is especially for those young couples that enjoy video games. The point is to have a virtual party with your avatars!

1-Make a Zoom party

This one is one of the most common trends for anniversaries during this pandemic. Organize your family, pick the time and connect with Zoom to reunite and celebrate.

Some activities you can do to treat yourselves is to make a trivia game about the spouses, questions like “Who cooks the worst?” or “who is the most proactive?” will turn on the party.

You can also plan a dedication where every family member tells a story where both of you are included. The one with the most touching memory wins!

And these are only some of the many original trends to celebrate your anniversary during the pandemic... Do you have any other ideas? Share with us!

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