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The Farm Diaries...We are Selling!

PC: Jarrod Grayson

I'm not sure if I mentioned it but my husband and I own an 80 acre farm in Bourbon, MO. We have about 25 head of momma cows, a bull, about 15 calves (at the moment), and two cats.

This venture has been quite the undertaking. I thought it would be simple...boy oh boy was I wrong. Full disclosure... my husband does most of the work. But still it is a chore to keep up with the finances, calving times, feeding, and meds so they stay healthy.

We bought this farm about 4 years go and built a house on it. Jarrod and I started with a few head of cattle but it is about 60% pasture and 40% wooded so we are not able to fit as many cattle as we would like so we decided we would start looking for a new place.

We found a 144 acre farm and it is mostly all pasture. And you guys, there is no house so now we are faced with the task of transitioning from this farm to the next farm. I have been over just about every scenario that I can think of to make it happen as smoothly as possible.

Moving to this farm was not that hard because we were not in a position to try to sell a current home. We had already sold our house and moved into an apartment while we built. We had not accumulated as much stuff as we have now because we had not started the farm at that point. We purchased cattle from the gentleman that had leased the property before we bought it so there was no transport involved.

Our current situation requires someone to buy our current house/farm before we can purchase the other farm and it is likely that they would have to sell their house before they can buy our is called a domino closing and requires a lot of coordinating and moving parts.

The fun part is that I have been Pintersting like crazy to find designs and decorating ideas. I think it is exciting to move! It is always and adventure and it shakes thinks up like new beginnings do.

Here are a few photos from our current home....

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