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Spring Fever and Dreaming of Senior Sessions

You guys…is anyone else dreaming of spring!! I am so ready for spring weddings, seniors, green grass, flowers, and warmer weather. I have already booked several Senior Portrait Sessions and I cannot wait to share them with you on the blog.

I just keep thinking that I will wake up and it will be warm but every morning I wake up and still have to defrost my windows. There are positive signs though like daylight savings ended last weekend which is wonderful because the days seem longer. Now when I leave work, it is still light outside for a good 2 hours or more!

Seniors remind me of Spring...they are fresh and so full of life and new beginnings. I think that is why I love doing the Senior Photo Shoots so much!

To put us all in a good mood and remind us of warmer times…here are a few of may favorite shots…

With dreamy thoughts,



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