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My Whole30 Challenge...Day 3

I am implementing a Whatever Wednesday blog series where I can blog about ANYTHING and it does not necessarily have to do with photography. I am thinking it may be more like a photo diary but we will see how it shapes up.

My topic this week is the whole30 challenge. So far (3 days in), I have been tired, cranky, and irritable but I am sticking to it. According to the mood timeline calendar that I found on the Whole30 website, I am right on track :).

The first day I was sure I had it all under control and would have no problems completing the 30 days. Today, on the third day, I am really questioning my sanity and wonder why I would commit to such a ridiculous thing. I just want to go take a nap.

On a happier note, my friend Rachel just completed the 30 days and lost about 15 lbs so I keep dreaming of the end and visualizing myself 15 lbs lighter and dreaming of how happy I will be when my clothes fit the way they should again. In the mean time, the Girl Scout cookies in the cabinet are calling to me…

…Stay tuned for updates on the journey.



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