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Makeup and More for Looking Your Best in Portraits

Looking your best on shoot day is key to loving your photos! There are so many variables such as lighting, location, outfit choices, posing, hair and makeup. Take some of the guessing out of how to make the best of your day with these helpful styling and posing tips.

1) Use matte eye shadows and blushes. Avoid using shimmery or sparkly products when getting ready for your portrait session. They reflect more light and can be distracting.

2) Consider using fake eye lashes. They are fairly inexpensive and can deliver a higher impact look to your images. I recommend trimming them to a comfortable length and have someone help you apply them. If you chose a session that includes hair and makeup the artist can help you choose the right lashes.

3) Go a little darker. Camera flash, reflectors, and editing can brighten pictures so do not be afraid to go with a more dramatic look. Chances are it will not photograph as dark so be generous with eye shadows and bold lashes and liners.

4) Contour and highlight. Contouring can give shape to the face and enhance the appearance of shadows and light in your portraits. This is an area where a makeup artist can come in handy especially if this step is not something that you are comfortable with executing on your own. If you do try it on your own DON'T FORGET TO BLEND!

5.) Wear clothing that flatters your shape and figure. Try to avoid shapeless dressed and baggy clothing as this can make you appear larger than you actually are. Stick to more fitted clothing choices and styles that flatter your shape and figure. Always make sure you wear clothing that make you feel comfortable. If you are uncomfortable it can show in the end product.

6) Avoid loud patterns and neon colors. I recommend sticking to neutral colors and cotton fabrics. The naked eye does not always pick up subtle reflections but clothing colors can reflect onto your face or onto others in the photos. Neon or bright colors such as red, fuschia, and lime green...etc can cast undesirable hues onto your faces or skin affecting the skin tones which can be difficult to edit.

Bonus: Relax. Your photographer will direct you and they are there to help you look your best. Trust them and their posing direction. So smile, laugh, and be yourself so that your images are natural, fun, and amazing!!



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