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Kaylee's Photo Shoot-3 quick tips for photographing your kids.

I may be partial because she is my niece but I had a wonderful time taking some quick shots of Kaylee. She is headstrong, sassy, and as sweet as pie. We had a little back yard adventure as we strolled through the fall leaves and tried to climb the gate.

Children are not always easy to photograph because they seem to be constantly moving. Here are 3 tips for taking better photos of the kiddos.

1.) Engage them in an activity. If you can engage them in an activity it can be a little easier to get those golden shots. Throw leaves or climb a jungle gym at the park. Have them play with a toy.

2.) Get on their level. Get down lower for a better angle so you see their point of view and you can get a better shot of their face.

3.) Have a big sis or brother help get their attention by making faces at them or chasing them toward the camera.

If, all else fails...go for the artistic shot! As you can see I have one of Kaylee walking away and one looking down at her feet. Whatever works! Happy shooting.

With love,



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