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Is a Destination Wedding For You? Part III Pros & Cons

Thank you guys for traveling along with me in this 3 part series. I started to write one post and it just got entirely too long so I decided it would be best to break it up into a few parts.

Our destination wedding was definitely an adventure and it was perfect for us. With that being said, I know it will not be for everyone. In this post I will recap some of the pros & cons that go along with a destination wedding!

Let's start with the good stuff.


-There is little planning. You only need to pick your options.

-Depending on your options it can save y0u money $$$.

-You can combine the wedding and honeymoon.

-You can get married anywhere in the world!

- Pack light because the resort has everything covered.

-You will have a unique and memorable experience.

-Most resorts are all inclusive so there are no additional fee for food and drinks while you are there.


-Guest attendance may be limited.

-You will most likely have to coordinate virtually.

-You are limited to the options the resort offers.

-You will be charged to use external vendors.

-Guests who opt to stay at a different resort my be charged to enter your resort and attend your ceremony.

-If you ever need to get divorced, you may have to return to the country/island.

-It can take several months to get your documentation.

Jarrod and I saved quite a bit of money by choosing to have a destination wedding. We would have went on the honeymoon/vacation anyway and it was only another $500 for the wedding options we chose. Weddings can easily add up to $15k-$25k...or more. We spent close to $8k and that included the honeymoon, dress, ceremony, and reception. Considering we would have went on vacation anyway, I think we did pretty well.

A lot of guest were not able to make it but we decided to have a small reception a few days after we returned from the trip! We had so much fun and it was very memorable. I am so glad we chose to have a destination wedding.

Well, that is the end of this series. If you have any questions, reach out to me and remember, I would love to shoot your destination wedding so inquire today about hiring me to photograph your wedding adventure!




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