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Catie & Andy -Wedding in Rolla, MO

What a celebration we had for Catie and Andy's Rolla, Missouri wedding. It was supposed to rain but the forecast changed and we ended up with a beautiful day! Catie and Andy were so sweet and loving and you could see how excited they were to get married.

These two were glowing through every part of the day! They were both so full of joy illustrated by their glowing grins. It made photographing their day a breeze. One of the best things I noticed about them was that they seemed to have some inside language that only they understood; from quick glances, sweet ear whispers followed by a light chuckle, or a quick high five to tag the other in. We all can only hope for deep connection and for someone to really "Get Us". After watching these two, I can tell you, they really "Get" each other and compliment each other so well. It is truly amazing to be able to find that one person that you can count on and travel through life with. Catie and Andy have found it.

I also have to add that they had the greatest families. Jaime and I felt so welcomed and loved all day long. We were accepted as part of the family from family members, the wedding party, and guest. It is not every day that people are so open and inviting.

It was a true blessing to witness this love story and be a part of documenting this beautiful day through stunning portraits!!!

Second Shooter: Jaime Rizo

Rolla, MO Catholic Wedding Ceremony and reception portraits at Hasselmann Alumni House. This Wedding is from 2019.


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