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Ash | Rolla, MO Family Portraits

The cutest family is on the blog today! I adore this family so when Tiffany asked me to do family portraits for her sweet sweet family I couldn't have been more excited. The little ones were all grins and up for the family smile challenge :). They took all the posing direction beautifully.

The Ash family own and operate The Blue Chick Farm, an event venue and blueberry farm, located in Rolla, MO. Naturally, that is where we did their family photos and I couldn't have asked for a better spot to capture these beautiful portraits for this family photo session.

If you are looking for a meeting place, a fun evening of activity, or a wedding venue, check out this Rolla, Missouri farm location. This spot is nestled right outside of Rolla, has plenty of quiet open space, and offers several great scenic spots with glowy sun, beautiful fencing, and tall grasses.


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