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5 Tips for Styling your Senior Portrait Session!

Senior Sessions can be overwhelming because you obviously want to look your best and get the most out of your portraits. There are a few things you should know to prepare for your session in order to be successful and get the look that you are going for. Here are 5 tips for styling and getting the most out of your senior portrait session...

1.) Opt for a session that includes hair and makeup

There are a few reasons I suggest doing this. First, these people are professionals and are in the business of making people look their best so take advantage of the service they provide. They will likely style differently than you do so you will get an upgraded style that will feel special which will translate into your portraits. Lastly, makeup for pictures is a bit different than daily makeup so leave it to the pros to get you ready for your big shoot!

2.) Go shopping

This one is my favorite. I love shopping for new clothes so if you have the budget go get a few new outfits for your shoot so you feel fresh and confident during your shoot. New clothes are in good condition. They are not faded from washing and they have not shrank or lost shape yet. Plus, they probably are not wrinkled from sitting in the laundry for too long :). Try everything on to make sure you are comfortable and everything fits.

3.) Vary your outfits

I recommend choosing 3 outfits depending on your interests. It is always a good idea to pick a formal outfit, a casual option, and a wildcard option. For the formal outfit, pick something you wouldn't necessarily wear everyday like a blazer, dress shirt, tool skirt, blouse and get the idea. Tip: you can use this outfit to get a good headshot for social profiles and resumes as you head off to college.

For the casual outfit, make this more your daily style. Think shorts, rompers, jeans, and toms or boots. Something that will remind you of your style during this period of you life.

The wildcard outfit can be for anything else you want to remember like a sporting uniform ballet /dance costume, or incorporate a hobby.

4.) Accessorize

Add scarves, hats, necklaces, musical instruments...etc. Accessories can be a very cute compliment to an outfit and can add charm and texture to your senior portraits. Just do not go overboard with it and you will be happy with the end product!

5) Do a precheck

A few days or the night before do a quick precheck. Make sure your choices fit properly and wash them if they need to be washed. Check to make sure they are not wrinkled and quickly iron if it calls for it so you look your best. You can also run your choices by your photographer before the shoot so they can guide you on what may or may not photograph well.

6) Bonus: Avoid neon colors, loud patterns, and big lettering or logos. You do not want your clothing choice to steal the show.

Happy styling,



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