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5 Easy Tips To Getting the Most Out of Your Wedding Pictures

1) Consult Your Photographer Before Planning

There are prime times for outdoor photography so to get the most out of your day check with your photographer and figure out a timeline before you book any dates, times, or venues. For example, if you want creamy and dreamy ceremony pictures but you schedule your ceremony outdoors at high noon, you may be disappointed. Another thing to consider is sunset. If you schedule your ceremony at 5pm and sunset is at 6pm that does not leave much time after the ceremony for portraits so you will need to arrange to have them before the ceremony or make sure to set the ceremony time for earlier in the day.

2) Check the Lighting

When you are looking for your venues, make sure there are well lit areas with natural light for getting ready photos, mother/daughter portraits, first look photos, etc... My personal style uses as little flash as possible so natural light in the prep areas is crucial. The time of day the light comes through the windows can also be important to consider. I would suggest taking your photographer to the venues to plan out the times and areas to be used for your photos.

3) Clear the Clutter

If you want beautiful high end looking wedding photos consider clearing all of the clutter before your photographer arrives. Wedding days can be hectic so I recommend assigning this task to a bridesmaid or a family member. Photoshop and strategic angling can only help so much. Clutter in the background can change the feel of your photos instantly. You may even consider designating an extra hotel room or a spare room in the venue specifically for photos so that the suitcases, curling irons, and makeup bags are clear from sight.

4) Spruce up the Details

There are little things that can be done to make a big impact in helping transform your pictures from good to fabulous such as sprucing up the details. Get a nice hanger for your dress. You can find nice ones on Etsy for around $20-$30. Find a nice jewelry box or a fancy ring box for photographing ring shots and opt for real flowers. If you are on a tight budget then try a fresh bridal bouquet and the bridesmaids can use a different less expensive version.

5) Allow Plenty of Time

This is your day. Enjoy it and make sure you leave plenty of time for your portraits. Decide if you want a first look and if you want photos before or after the ceremony. Make sure that you leave time for any travel between venues and photography locations. Your photographer can be an awesome resource to help you with timing and making the most of every part of the day!

I truly hope this is helpful. Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your adult lives and these are just a few tips to help capture those beautiful memories in the best way possible.




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