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3 Spring Wedding Color Palette Ideas

I have been photographing weddings as a second shooter and under my own brand for a few years now and I have seen a lot of color combos at different weddings. Have I mentioned that I love weddings! They are so much fun. there is so much love, excitement and LOVE in the air. Everyone dons their finest attire and they gather for the joining of tow loved ones. It is a great place to be and I LOVE everything about weddings.

There is tons of planning and thought that goes into the final day and when it all comes together it can be sooo magical. One of the first things that a bride will decide on is a color palette! This will dictate the atmosphere and feel for the whole wedding. It can be an expression of the couples person style and it will live on through the ages in your wedding photos so chose wisely :) Here are a few palette ideas for your Spring wedding!

Light pink and Berry! Love is in the air. This color combo is fun, romantic, and adds quite a bit of visual interest. Who doesn't LOVE a nice Berry color, especially in Spring.

Blush Silver with hints of Mauve. This palette is super elegant and looks high end. It is one of my personal favorites!

Lilac and Aqua. These colors pair so well and they are so refreshing for spring!

Stay tuned for other ideas! Happy planning to all of you brides out there.




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