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2015 Fear Challenge

Hi All,

I'm Krista!

I have big plans for this year and starting a blog was one of my goals so welcome and thank you for taking the time to read it. The blog will be a mix of different treasures: pictures, daily tips, inspiration, things I like, more pictures, and stories of love and life.

I am really excited for 2015 and I hope you are too. There is something so whimsical about the new year. The upcoming months hold so much possibility. Opportunities sit idle waiting for us to be brave enough to choose them.

First plan of action to achieve my goals is to face my fears and say YES to opportunities. I am stepping out of the comfort zone. I am sure you are all aware, it can be very scary to face your fears and open yourself to vulnerability. My hope is that by sharing some of my experiences it might inspire others to face their fears and say yes to opportunities.

We all have the capabilities to be successful and turn our dreams into reality. However, sometimes we let fear, doubt, and uncertainty hold us back. But what if we choose to doubt fear instead of our capabilities? What if we fight fear and not let it control our decisions? I think AMAZING things can happen!

It is not going to be easy and we will make some mistakes along the way but I predict we will also experience great achievements. I challenge you to take this journey with me and see what 2015 has to offer!

Dream big,



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