Are you ready for the 

30 Day Photo Challenge


Do you want to:

  • Learn something new?

  • Improve your photography skills?

  • Start a passion project?

  • or do you just need a distraction?

Whatever the reason, I am glad you are here....

My hope is that you be brave and try something that you have been thinking about doing but didn't know where to start. I hope you will see your world with a new perspective and be more mindful of the beauty around you. I also hope that you will learn the art that is photography just a little better than yesterday. 

Join today to get started on your next adventure...


1. Do I need a fancy camera?

No, not at all. Use what you have from a DSLR to a camera phone. 

2.Do I need to buy anything?

No, you only need a camera. The challenge is completely free. 

3.Do I need to know about photography?

Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

4.How do I know what to do?

You will receive emails 

throughout the challenge with tips